What's it like to work here? What invisible glue holds us all together? And how do we create the conditions to make the magic happen?

Defining our culture

Most of us have worked elsewhere. But we all arrived to find something different and quite special going on at Born + Raised. So one day we sat down together to pin down what that is.

  • Culture
  • Egos at the door

    We believe everyone’s voice should be heard. Because when you treat each other with respect, affection and kindness it’s easier to make the magic happen.

  • Tight-knit, good fit

    To us, fit is just as important as skill. As a result, we really rather like each other. That means after we’ve put in a shift together we also enjoy hanging out together. No arm twisting required.

  • Built on collaboration

    There’s a time and a place for collaboration. Everywhere, all the damn time. From bringing the great ideas to life to supporting each other through busy times. We work best when we work together.

  • No passengers

    Great work isn’t created by spectators. We’re all totally invested in what we do, which means we each take ownership and responsibility for our work from start to finish.

  • Culture
  • Culture
  • Let’s make it happen

    Anything is possible when we all pull together. Negative vibes suck the fun out of work. A positive mindset inspires the team and solves problems rather than creating them.

  • Fear ordinary

    Our challenging thinking mindset drives us to avoid the obvious because we believe that ‘okay’ is not okay. Thinking this way is exciting, difficult and nerve wracking, but always rewarding.

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