Survival tips for financial services marketers

Financial services. That tired (and dare we say, uninspiring?) old sector descriptor gives no clues to the fascinating and exciting evolutionary struggle quietly taking place across the financial world.

Like a financial marketing version of Ray Mears, we’ve gone walkabout through the undergrowth of the financial services jungle for quite a few years now. Helping existing brands to evolve in this rapidly changing new climate, and equipping new brands for success as they step out into the light for the first time.

How to adapt to financial climate change

Yes, this really is an interesting time for financial brands. Across this rapidly changing climate, the big established brands are grappling with the challenges of digital, and the arrival of a new breed of increasingly agile and innovative fintech challengers. Meanwhile, those challengers themselves are fighting to establish their brands in what is becoming an increasingly crowded digital space.

A ton of excellent expert analysis has been written about digital platforms, optimum use of big data and the simplification of internal processes and structures to help brands big and small stay in the game, and even gain a competitive edge.

However, we humbly submit that far too little has been written about the role that brand, tone of voice and creative marketing can play for brands engaged in this evolutionary tussle. And when it’s red in tooth and claw out there, you need to use every weapon at your disposal.

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So being the helpful, thoughtful souls that we are we’ve put what we’ve learned into an e-book packed with brand survival tips for financial services marketers in established and challenger brands.

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