Build a business you’re proud of

After ten years, I can positively say we’ve built a business I’m proud of. I’m proud of where we’ve got to. I’m proud of how we’ve got here. I’m proud of the successes, and the failures. All of it.

And even though we’re in the middle of one of our greatest challenges yet, I’m proud of the team I have around me. Their drive. Their skills. Their passion. And their confidence. So I know we’ll get through this period of change and uncertainty and be even stronger than before.

There will undoubtedly be a lot of changes to the new normal, but there’s one thing that won’t: the Born + Raised values. Because getting to the end of the day and being proud of what we do is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

And I’m very proud of that.

Ten years of growth

I’m also proud to say that Born + Raised has grown year on year for every one of the last ten years. And the last twelve months have again seen our business go through a pretty substantial transformation.

At the start of the year, we committed to building on our strong foundations and realising the potential of our great little agency. Our business plan had a single-minded objective: growth. So we started preparing the business for the next chapter in our story.

First, we plotted a roadmap for fine tuning our agency, involving every one of its members along the way. We committed to investing more in people and business development than we ever had before. To achieve our ambitious plan, we had to invest time and money into making our business better, stronger and keener.

We restructured the business into smaller, more agile teams to increase ownership and accountability. An infinitely scalable model, ensuring we continue to produce great work, services and results for our growing client base.

We added eight new team members to the business. So aside from being capable of producing more work, that’s also eight people’s worth of new skills and capabilities going towards making us a better agency.

Winning new work and strengthening relationships

As part of our focus on business development, we developed our positioning and messaging, and implemented our biggest plan yet for winning new business. This led to new client wins in new sectors. We started working with Unilever’s global team on their Sunsilk and Dove brands, as well as with Premier Foods on their new plant-based brand Plantastic and the iconic Mr Kipling. Our FMCG credentials are continuing to grow.

We’ve also continued to grow with some of our most established clients. HSBC has seen us continue to work with the global team, with the addition of individual territories in the UK, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Arco have seen a lot of change and growth in their business too, allowing us to partner with them on more strategic initiatives. And our work with SITA has led to further high-level strategic work in New York and Atlanta, as well as the UK.

Finally, in March we were once again named one of Campaign’s Best Places to Work. We came in at no. 23, up 20 places from last year and proof – not that we needed it – that we have a great culture and a great people-focused business that we’re all infinitely proud of.

Ten years ago, we started a business that was the kind of business we wanted to be part of. One that worked hard. Did the right thing. Genuinely cared for clients and their challenges. And one that focused on people, taking pride in everything it did. We’ve created something that does all of that and so much more. And we’re extremely proud of that, so here’s to another ten years!