Empowering women, in 2017 and beyond

A low ratio of women to men in more senior creative roles has been hitting the headlines regularly in the last couple of years. Campaign reported in March that only 12% of creative directors are female and we’ve seen movements such as She Does Digital and organisations like girlswhocode.com rise in popularity and awareness.

This isn’t exclusive to the creative industry. We’re seeing women come together to support each other and celebrate our successes across a whole heap of topics from sport to parenting: This Girl Can and Mothers Meetings are just two organisations that come to mind.

I sense a continuing sense of empowerment on the horizon for women in all aspects of life and work and it feels good.

Ladies, wine and a bit of design

Last week, our Head of Design, Yvette Weir and I went to the second ever Ladies, Wine and a bit of Design night at the Sentinel Brewhouse in Sheffield. This movement, which was started by one of our creative crushes, Jessica Walsh, has landed in Sheffield thanks to the efforts of final year student Jess Yates.

We didn’t need much persuading to enter into the spirit of the title of the event with gusto, and relaxed over a bottle of wine with some inspiring ladies from Sheffield-based agencies, Field and Tonik. As well as the topic of the evening – creative inspiration and process – we talked about lots of things that affect us every day. The diverse array of topics discussed ranged from our Instagram obsessions to returning to work from maternity leave, managing flexible working and feeling confident at work.

Although in its infancy, we’re feeling hopeful and very positive that the event series will grow in popularity and ultimately inspire women to come together and support each other in our industry.

Raising the future

Culturally, Born + Raised encourages a culture of supporting each other, male or female. But, I’m proud to say that Born + Raised is already leading the way by having a balanced team, not to mention a management team that is largely female.

Female team members

Left to right: Chloe Lowe – Head of Digital, Joanne Ringrose – Operations Director, Yvette Weir – Head of Design, Tamsin Valentino – Client Services Director

What’s happening?

From my own personal perspective, I often wonder whether the reasons for lack of women in leadership and reported gender imbalance are reflected upon accurately. Of course, there are also global, cultural and local issues at play here, but I can’t help wondering what it would be like if we were all embracing this new girl power movement and supporting and encouraging each other, rather than bringing ourselves down.

This isn’t something I’ve made my mind up on yet, so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Drop me a message on LinkedIn.