How a skydive, half-marathon and pocket guide for kids is raising money for Sheffield charities

A first for Born + Raised, this year we’re taking part in the Sheffield Master Cutler’s Challenge alongside our peers and fellow Yorkshire businesses. Now in its 12th hugely successful year, this initiative throws down the gauntlet to businesses in Sheffield to raise as much money as they can for local charities – in the most creative or daring ways they can imagine.

So, where did we start? Once the Master Cutler’s team was assembled, we set to work to think of ways that we could raise money whilst making an impact for this year’s charities, St Luke’s Hospice and Rotherham Hospice. Everyone got stuck in and in the spirit of firsts, Anto did his first skydive and Chris ran his first half marathon helping us bolster our money pot by quite a few hundred quid. We introduced a new tuck shop which (between you and I) surpassed all of our fundraising expectations thanks to our apparent sweet teeth and obsession with retro crisps.

Bringing challenging thinking into our extra-curricular work

But we were still to decide on our ‘thing’ – our big idea and primary focus for the fundraising challenge. Until a conversation about the Sheffield’s flyover and Mi Amigo memorial with a neighbour led to my discovery that Sheffield was also proud owners of six Picasso Doves above Costa at the Peace Gardens. Did you know they were perched on the top of the bell tower there? Me either.

Inspired by recent discoveries, we pitched to the business the idea of creating a printed pocket book (yes, us Head of Digital folk still have a soft spot for print) that documented both the well-known and obscure things to do in Sheffield, just for kids. Why kids? Because the Summer holidays were fast approaching and the opportunity to help inspire inquisitive minds and encourage discovery of the amazing sights, sounds and experiences Sheffield has to offer was right up our street.

Backed by the business and supported by an amazing team of writers, creatives, developers and client services, we set to work on creating ‘Discover Sheffield with kids’ – a handy pocket guide that highlights our top 50 activities to share with our city’s littlest adventurers.

We launched our first book for kids!

We launched the book at the end of July using the website and Facebook page as our main channels, and have been overwhelmed by the response and success of the project so far.

We were hoping to sell a few but were not expecting such a rush of online orders and we’re thrilled to have received such a warm Yorkshire-welcome from the stockists we’ve approached to help us sell the book. Prolific North gave us a mention too and we’re hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We were also invited to feature on BBC Radio Sheffield’s mid-morning show with Paulette Edwards which was great fun and a fantastic way to raise awareness of the book. You can listen back to the feature, from 1h15m, on the BBC Radio Sheffield website.

What’s next for Discover Sheffield with kids?

We’ll continue to sell the book for £5 via the Discover Sheffield with kids website and local stockists until the Master Cutler’s Challenge comes to a close in September 2019 when we’ll take stock of where we’re at with our fundraising. We’re not expecting to win the prize for the most raised, but we’ve had an incredible time taking part and thank everyone who buys the book for your support for such amazing local charities.