It’s STILL good here, isn’t it?

We’re in Campaign’s Top 50 Places to Work

Again! And the even better news is that we’ve risen from 42nd to 23rd in the rankings.

It might be a cliché, but our team really is our biggest asset – without them, there’s no Born + Raised.

We want to be the place people want to work in and it’s important that we look at that from a client and work point of view, but also from an experience and culture one. Both are vital in attracting and retaining a brilliant team.

Here’s what the news means to our longest-serving and newest members of staff.

Before joining Born + Raised, a big deal was made about how it was a nice place to work. Claiming that is one thing, but actually delivering and living it is another – I'm happy to report that it genuinely does have a nice vibe. We have sufficient scale and capabilities within the team to deal with pretty much any brief, whilst maintaining a family feel. The SMT are very open with the whole team which nurtures that sense that we're all working towards a common goal to create outstanding work whilst maintaining a positive working environment.

Mark Lambert - Assistant Creative Director

We’ve changed a great deal over the last 7 years. Tripled in size and moved into our own office, but throughout all the change there's still a real sense a being part of a team – and the support that comes with this. It really does feel like a special place to work. I'd like to say we think of each other as friends 😉

Louise Greensmith - Senior Designer

What we’re doing for our people

You can talk the talk, but we’re always keen to make sure we’re looking for ways to improve the team’s experience at work. That’s why we’ve continued to build on our Wellbeing Programme, which now includes having a trained Mental Health First Aider.

We provide weekly fruit baskets and monthly fish & chip/sushi lunches – we’ve also brought chiropractors and massage therapists into the office!

February and March have seen the return of our Secret Buddy scheme that’s designed to put a smile on people’s faces as the gloomy weather progresses.

There’s also a car valet service and a men’s barber who visit the office each month and this summer our first Born + Raised Family Fun Day is planned with a BBQ and sports day.

Oh and we’ve also had a flower arranging workshop, the B+R Bake Off and our Cardless Christmas project.

What about the work?

We’ve invested heavily in new posts to support our growth ambitions and every team in the agency has seen new roles and people introduced.

A programme of training and development has begun for our management team to assist them in supporting and developing their teams. We also have an extensive training and development programme planned which provides courses in Project Management, CIM and technical and software developments.

We’re also going to continue to develop our office environment to ensure that it remains an inspiring and interesting place to work.

Here’s to another top year at Born + Raised.

If you’re interested in joining our team, have a look at our careers page.