Putting the heart in Yorkshire

We’re always interested in unique design projects, particularly those that have community at their heart.

The Yorkshire Man of Steel sculpture is a prime example of a project destined to be different, from an artist with remarkable vision and the tenacity to bring it to life.

And now momentum is gathering thanks to Steve Mehdi, its creator, who is asking the people of Yorkshire to be an integral part of the legacy by placing their names on the sculpture’s giant heart.

Members of the public can donate a modest sum of £20 to have their name on the statue’s 2.5-tonne super alloy heart, which will eventually be encased within the huge chest of the 30-metre-high sculpture.

It’s a hugely exciting opportunity for all of us to put our own stamp on this Yorkshire icon, and there is room for everybody, because there is space for up to 150,000 names to be included on the two-and-a-half metre Heart of Steel.

The Heart of Steel sculpture will go on show in Sheffield and Rotherham soon, and it’s hoped that the appeal will raise £3million for the project, which has been funded by the private sector so far.

So if you’re looking for an extra special gift or just fancy being at the heart of something that is pretty extraordinary, you can donate via the new Yorkshire Man of Steel site.

You’ll receive a specially commissioned stainless Heart of Steel badge and certificate for your efforts.

So go on, join the celebration and feel the love for Yorkshire’s finest giant.