Redesigning our website

Four months ago we realised that our website wasn’t pushing hard enough to represent what we stand for – challenging thinking. So we decided to do something about it.

Combining talents from every corner of the agency, we set to work on a new version that would redefine what an agency website could look like. A site to help differentiate ourselves from our peers and to be bolder and braver than we had previously allowed ourselves to be.

Investing in risks

We took note of findings in industry reports which showed marketers disliked complex or ambiguous layouts, preferring websites which helped them easily find the information they are looking for. While we wanted to stand out, we didn’t want to be over-indulgent and potentially harm our users’ experiences.

The chosen route was definitely brave – a complete step change from the first version of the site. We moved away from videos and images on the home page, stripping the content back to a minimum; a prominent key message and an unavoidable menu.

Orange is the new black

This sharp focus on pushing the agency to be braver also led us to look at our brand colours. The new palette was chosen to bolster the attitudinal design. The vibrant orange is the star of the show, while the rest add depth with a quiet confidence.

We also took the opportunity to change the hierarchy of our fonts, as we felt the sans serif font (which had previously been used as the secondary option) better reflected our personality.

Going faster

We saw the redesign as a chance to evaluate how we would develop the site moving forward. It made sense to keep WordPress as our CMS, as most of the content is either static or post based. But we did build a new, more efficient theme from the ground up with web performance informing a lot of our development decisions.

This meant resisting the urge to introduce any dependency heavy tooling into our development process and leveraging industry-leading media services and CDNs to increase performance further.

Where we are now

The initial feedback to the new version of the website has been great. But, as ever, we’ll nip and tuck the site over the next few weeks to provide the best possible user experience. And in the meantime, we’ve got plans to roll the new style out to the rest of our brand.