September Doodle Club

Wednesday night I went over to Roco Creative’s Doodle Club, hosted by the very talented Sheffield-based illustrator Geo Law. The venue was packed with professionals, students and families who all arrived for a night of doodles, chats and drinks.

My friend and I found the whole evening really fun and therapeutic, I’d forgotten how nice it is just to draw for fun and it was lovely to chat with other creative folk and see such a varied mix of sketches and doodles. The venue provided art supplies aplenty and there were entertaining task sheets to help get the doodling underway.

I’d highly recommend a visit to next month’s Doodle Club, there’s a really nice, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. We also left our drawings after the event so that they could be digitally uploaded and shared on social media.

Image of doodle and Louise Greensmith- Senior Designer at Born and Raised

I used to draw all the time back at college and university and it was really nice to pick this back up; the experience has inspired me to try out some illustration for future projects. It’s all too easy to jump straight on the Mac some days, so I think it’s great to crack open the sketch book and feel inspired.