#snuglife episode 2 – Kirsty

Mondays now mean one thing at Born + Raised – a new episode of #snuglife.

After receiving lots of positive feedback about the debut episode, we’re carrying on releasing a video a week to show people what it’s like to work here and what our team are like.

Today’s episode features one of our Designers, Kirsty. This was definitely one of the funniest episodes to film and we were spoiled for a choice of outtakes as Kirsty had us laughing all the way through the interview.

In the final cut, Kirsty shares some advice from a friend, then talks about another moment that really influenced her life and her career path. Then it’s on to the quick-fire questions at the end.  Don’t duck out early, or you’ll never find out about snob coffee.

Catch up

If you didn’t see episode 1 of #snuglife (which features Senior Digital Designer, Abbas), you can watch it here.

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Let us know what you think of this episode, and if you’ve got a question for the team then get in touch.

See you next week.