#snuglife s2 ep10 – Andy + Yvette

Here we are, the final episode of season 2 of #snuglife (apart from a Christmas special, keep your eyes peeled). Last but certainly not least, we have the office’s only married couple taking to the snug; founder and MD Andy and Yvette, Head of Design.

First we quizzed the pair about their own TV show and who from the office they would have with them. Reckon they chose each other? Guess again.

Again proving that opposites attract, when we asked Andy and Yvette what gig they’d go to right now, one mentioned an Ibiza closing party and the other a Nirvana concert. I’ll let you guess which was which.

And in a task befitting of the current participants, the snuglife team knew what exactly what challenge was required. You guessed it – Mr and Mrs. It’s a corker.

If the episode has left you needing to know more about our duo, you can read Andy’s profile here and Yvette’s right here. Don’t forget to catch up on the rest of the series which you can find on our Vimeo page.