#snuglife sp🎃🎃ktacular s2 ep3

Ah, Halloween. A brilliant excuse to scare the pants off people for no particular reason. Series 1 of #snuglife had a few specials – a flamingo episode, an Xmas-themed outing and a musical number, but we never got round to making a spooky special – until now.

During the filming of series 2, we covered up the glass doors to the Snug and invited victims in one by one to face their fears and tell us what’s in the mystery box.

This special turned into a bit of a monster, clocking in at 4:51. We promise it’s worth the time away from your Instagram feed… or work. You’ll see Andy face his fear, Stephen get extremely confused about the difference between living and inanimate and, of course, plenty of slime.

👻 Happy Halloween 👻

Don’t forget to check our Vimeo channel for the previous episodes in series 2. See you next week.