#snuglife s2 ep7 – Kirsty + Diana

The snug plays host to Designer Kirsty and Creative Artworker Diane in perhaps the messiest episode to date.

First up, we quiz the arty duo on who their dream client would be. I’d love to say the decision was based wholly upon professional means and not how interesting the freebies would be, but then I’d be wildly off the mark.

“If you could have any superpower what would it be?” was the second question of the day that saw flying as a definitive answer but a debate around mind-reading.

Sweet or savoury? Our #snuglife pair got the chance to have both in a challenge that had Diana and Kirsty drawing famous brand logos in, you’ve got it, Sriracha and chocolate sauce…

If you’re itching to know more about the team without the presence of questionable condiments, check out Kirsty’s profile here and have a read of Diana’s here. Check out all of the episodes to date on our Vimeo page.