#snuglife s2 ep8 – Tanya + Stephen

Next under the #snuglife spotlight we have Marketing Manager Tanya and Stephen, a Senior Account Manager. You’ll remember Stephen from THAT Halloween episode and Tanya is the brains (and brawn) behind the Born + Raised marketing.

First up, we asked the pair what the best thing about working at Born + Raised was. Our winning personalities? Our gorgeous office, I hear you ask? Nope. It involves a Fantasy Football League competition, (as well as our creative culture, by the way).

Our light-hearted second question took an unexpectedly political turn when we quizzed the pair on if they could be anyone for the day, who would it be. Answers included a certain American President and a famous ambassador/actress.

All this was quickly forgotten however, when it came to the latest task. The Biscuit Game. You know the drill: place the biscuit on your forehead and try to manoeuvre it into your mouth without using your hands. A simple instruction for a not-so-simple challenge.

If you’d like to find out more about our duo, you can read Tanya’s profile here, and Stephen’s right here.

Finally, if you’ve caught the snug bug, you can watch the rest of the episodes on our Vimeo page.