#snuglife s2 ep9 – Helen + Steve

Strategist Helen and Head of Copy Steve step into the snug in our most informative episode to date.

Proving that you end up where you’re meant to in life, Steve and Helen agreed that the proudest moments of their careers thus far was the unexpected change of direction in jobs. Helen applied to be an Account Executive, but we realised during her interview her skills would be better suited to a strategic role. Steve on the other hand, started out as an Account Manager before moving into copy and finally becoming our maestro of words here at Born + Raised.

In keeping with that theme, we next asked our snuglifers what their dream job would be; think Indiana Jones and Sigmund Freud and you’ll be pretty close.

The challenge put our duo to the test on how much they really know about their fellow colleagues, where they had to guess who nearly appeared on Gogglebox, who used to be a Special Constable and who is a Guinness World Record Holder among other interesting tidbits.

If Helen and Steve have managed to whet your #snuglife appetite, check out our Vimeo page for all the episodes to date and if you’re itching to know more about this week’s pair, you can read Helen’s profile here and Steve’s here.