A B2B Marketing Award win for Arco

We received the award at a fantastic circus themed ceremony at the Honourable Artillery Company in London and, as you can see by the photos, a great night was had by all.

In recent years, cheaper brands have encroached on Arco’s territory. Arco wanted to protect their position in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

We were asked by Arco to help create an emotive brand campaign to change not just perceptions of the Arco brand, but perceptions of health and safety as a whole.

But why choose an emotive route for the campaign when we could have taken a strong business value standpoint?

Like most brands, Arco have been crafting their business value offering for a long time. So much so, the traditional rational benefits such as cost, next day delivery and robust testing are no longer seen as differentiators, rather they are considered the norm.

Uncovering the emotion that drives customers means that you can create a meaningful connection with your target audience that rational benefits could never achieve.

Understanding people’s attitude towards health and safety was the first step in uncovering the key insight to the campaign.

People may have negative views on health and safety. But, at the end of the day, the safety products that Arco provide help to protect people from serious injury that could deny them the ability to live life to the full.

The little things in our lives are often the ones that we take for granted. They are also the ones that we miss the most if we lose them.

Whether it’s playing football with the lads, seeing your grandchildren smiling, collecting seashells on the beach with your daughter or meeting up with friends to hear the latest news.

The positioning of Arco as a positive enabler rather than a barrier has been immensely successful for the brand.

The campaign delivered over 40 million brand impressions in the first six months alongside a 12% increase in brand awareness, a 9% increase in sales and uplift in profit.