A real show of talent at Hallam’s degree show

This week we rustled together a Born + Raised gang and walked up from the canal to see the work of Sheffield’s newest designers at the Sheffield Hallam University Degree Show. We took aim for the part of the show housed in the impressive new Sheffield Institute of Arts building (the old Post Office to you and I).

I’ve been visiting the Hallam show on and off for the last 10 or so years, and it never fails to tantalise my designer tastebuds. This show was no different, with some incredibly exciting and inspiring work on show.

Sheffield Hallam University's Degree Show - a full circle brochure- with Born and Raised
Sheffield Hallam University's Degree Show - with Born and Raised

A nod to social responsibility

My main focus was the graphic design and illustration studio on the second floor. One thing that struck me while viewing the show was how purposeful and conscientious these designers are. A lot of the work focusses on subjects and causes the students care passionately about.

This social responsibility, and the reaction to the world which students see around them, is nothing new, yet it was particularly striking in this show. Subjects ranged from men’s mental health, reducing the risk of dementia and supporting children with dyslexia.

There was also a political slant to some of the work, with Trump depicted in all his glory (ahem) and a commentary on how biased and inflammatory newspapers can be.

Sheffield Hallam University's Degree Show - a sculpture of the word 'Gin'- with Born and Raised
Sheffield Hallam University's Degree Show - a row of hanging banners depicting work- with Born and Raised

Top hitters

Some pieces that really jumped out at me were the illustration from Stephanie Warren’s ‘Millennials and mobile phones – Obsession or Progression?’ work, Nathan Whiteley’s dynamic Northern Soul posters, Catherine Millrose’s work on self perception, Scarlett Danks’ vibrant ‘Inspired by Memphis’ typeface and Eve Baillie’s hospital food packaging, which I’m sure would brighten any patient’s day.

A special mention goes to Jess Yates. We loved seeing her work in the flesh, especially her Women In Design project, which we were happy to be involved with at the recent Ladies, Wine and a bit of Design evening.

We’re planning another visit this week to check out the film, animation and photography work on show in Cantor building.

Make sure you catch the show before it closes on Friday 23rd June. It’s displayed in four buildings around the campus.


Sheffield Hallam University's Degree Show - with Born and Raised
Sheffield Hallam University's Degree Show, three hanging banner depicting work - with Born and Raised