Air Unlimited

An identity to jump and shout about

Signposting the brand’s intent to become one of the leading leisure brands in the North.

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The text: 'Air Unltd- the ultimate urban playground' over a blue background with a faded image of the park

Feeling flexible

The first step for any full brand project like this is a strategic workshop with the client to help us understand them and their audience. It’s this stage that allows us to uncover the insights that go on to inform our creative approach.

Our conversations with the team quickly revealed that they had plans beyond trampolines, and that the brand will grow to become an adventure destination. Think ninja assault courses and virtual climbing walls. With that in mind, we needed a future-proof name that would stretch with their ambitions.

Air Unltd is a name full of possibility and potential. It captures the feeling of freedom that comes with being in flight, and signposts the brand’s intent to become one of the leading leisure brands in the North.

three different Air Unltd posters

Developing the brand

The Air Unltd brand is dynamic and full of energy. The imagery focuses on people in the air, at the peak of their powers. We coupled that with a bold colour palette and type that demands attention. Then we ran the brand across everything, from t-shirts and posters to external signage and 20-foot air bags.

The brand’s voice, while distinct, dials up or down depending on whether it’s talking to kids or parents (they’re the ones with the cash and the car, after all). So when addressing kids it’s about flipping big fun and sharing tricks on social, and when talking to parents it’s about getting the kids away from their screens and getting them to do some exercise.

The last piece of the puzzle was digital. Air Unltd use state-of-the-art booking software, so the requirement for launch was a simple and interesting sales-driven site that would allow customers to book their airtime, party or fitness class quickly and easily.

Before Air Unltd opened, we launched a landing page with two simple objectives ­– enable customers to pre-register for launch notifications, and to allow prospective staff to apply via video CV. A week prior to launch, the full website and online booking went live – and the opening weekend was a sell-out.

three photographs showing the Air Unltd venue: one of the outer, one of the inner and one of the lockers

Creating some noise for launch

The project has been featured on Prolific North and Design Week and the brand has got a really positive response on social media. Of course, the best feedback was the client’s kind words.

Air Unltd content: 3 disposable paper cups in purple, pink, and green as well as a flyer and a food/drinks menu, all of which interlinked with a green arrow and text saying 'come up and wind down'
Air Unltd brightly coloured website on an ipad
Air Unltd social media post on instagram depicting a child on a purple background with white text saying 'competition time!' over the top

You really got what we’re about straightaway – Air Unltd, as a name and a brand, sums us up perfectly and gives us the perfect platform to expand from. We are delighted with our new identity, branding and interiors. We’re really excited about opening Liverpool’s newest, biggest and best urban playground.

Calum Heyes, Managing Director