Developing a Brand Promise and Customer Value Proposition

Delivering a new brand promise, customer value proposition and TV advert for the UK’s leading safety experts.

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Boosting brand awareness for the strongest safety experts in the UK and Ireland

Arco is well-established as the UK’s leading expert and supplier of health and safety, but to maintain awareness levels they needed to invest in building their brand. We worked with them to develop a new brand promise, customer value proposition, and their first ever TV advert.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Developing a new brand promise to enhance audience understanding, being relevant in the market and performing against objectives and KPIs was key to positioning Arco as a purpose-led customer-first brand.  Following a shift in their market and advancements in their business, Arco wanted to talk about all of the great things they were doing. We conducted meetings with stakeholders, interviews, analysis of customer motivations and desk research, and it was clear to our strategy team that the impact Arco has on the lives of its customers and partners is far greater than the sum of its parts. 

And so began the creation of a new brand promise that cemented their commitment to their industry: Your world made safer. This provided a vehicle to communicate clearly and impactfully to all of their audiences. 

To strengthen this message, we also developed a customer value proposition to demonstrate how Arco delivers on the brand promise, and to help customer-facing teams leverage the brand to convert sales.

The deliverables from the strategy phase of this project included: 

  • Desk research
  • Research analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Brand promise
  • Customer value proposition (CVP)
  • Messaging framework

Uniting the business behind the brand promise and CVP

Once the promise and CVP was defined, our next stage was to unite the Arco business behind the newly developed brand to build belief and bring clarity and consistency to all communications. 

To launch with a bang during a period of national lockdowns, we held a virtual launch event featuring keynote speaker, explorer, fundraiser and author Sir Ranulph Feinnes.  To create excitement and anticipation beforehand we broadcast teaser comms including video stings via Yammer and email. 

The keynote event was followed up with breakout sessions for gatekeepers and brand ambassadors who were given a more in-depth presentation on the promise and CVP, to help them understand how it feeds into their day-to-day roles. 

A sales conference further engaged and connected with Arco’s customer-facing sales teams. 

We also developed the Arco Academy – an engaging training platform that hosts a range of rich content around the brand which continues to evolve.

A bigger, better approach to brand building

Working in partnerships with Arco’s media agency, we launched a new brand campaign across TV, digital and social.

We produced Arco’s first TV ad which was broadcast across linear and on demand channels. This was supported by paid social media advertising and targeted digital ads. New content was also provided for the sales team, enabling them to communicate to prospect and existing customers. 

Maintaining employee engagement 

To keep the new brand promise front of mind we brought it to life in their brand new headquarters,  Blackfriargate, in Hull. 

We created: 

  • A video wall to engage customers, visitors and staff
  • A history wall to celebrate Arco’s 135 year heritage
  • Themed meeting rooms that explore core areas and benefits of Arco’s offer
  • A series of wall graphics to engender pride, inspire employees and create energy. 

We will create an environment that transmits energy, encourages colleague collaboration and underpins our core purpose.