Helping to break the Modern Day Slavery chain

We used video to show to empower Arco's clients to make the right choice, and highlighted how their relatively simple actions could make a huge difference.

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45 million people know otherwise

Most people think slavery came to an end hundreds of years ago. But as members of the Ethical Trading Initiative like Arco know, it’s still going on, causing misery to millions of people across the world today. 45 million people live in modern day slavery. A ridiculous figure. One problem is that it is hidden away within supply chains across many sectors.

Breaking the chain

Arco has been a member of the ETI for almost a decade. It’s vocal about its ethical values, hoping that this stance will cause customers to consider their own actions and buying habits.

Arco briefed us to create a video about modern day slavery that could be used by people when presenting to suppliers and other contacts, as well as being capable of multiple uses across a range of other channels.

The story of Tuan

We created an emotive short film which charts the story of a typical victim of modern day slavery. But rather than focus the whole video on the negativity of modern day slavery, we used the video to show buyers how they could play their part. We empowered them to make the right choice, and highlighted how their relatively simple actions could make a huge difference.

To date, the video has over 150,000 plays and has had a dramatic effect when used in presentations by Arco salespeople at their suppliers’ offices across the UK.

A thought about home production

Video is a great medium for behaviour change messaging. It’s shareable and quick, making it the perfect medium to communicate with today’s switched-on audience.

Unlike most agencies our size, we have in-house animators and copywriters in our studio team. This means we can work together to create cohesive ideas and bring them to life. Not firing ideas, instructions and amends back and forth over email allows us to take real ownership of a project. The result is creative hard-hitting video that leaves a lasting impression.

Born + Raised delivered on every level. The Supply Chain Reaction campaign has been really well received in the marketplace with 1.3 million unique views of our digital content. The campaign proved instrumental in helping us land a strategic target worth £2m a year for the next three years, so it's hitting the mark from both brand and commercial perspectives.

Lee Morton, Head of Brand and Proposition Development, Arco

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