It’s not just the Arco Tea Tour

It’s finding out what people care about.

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This was our chance to discover what the hard working men and women of Britain care about protecting most in their lives. And as it turns out, that ranges from keeping fit and playing Gaelic football to unfinished man caves and the finer points of growing beef tomatoes.

A photograph from the Arco Tea Tour campaign by Born + Raised, featuring Creative Director Bew Knox

As part of our It’s not just safety gear brand campaign for Arco, we were keen to find out what the real motivation for wearing safety gear is for the working people of the UK.

So, we decided the simplest way was to get out there and ask them.

Our concept was the Arco Tea Tour, which involved designing and producing the livery for our tea van and project managing the staffing, photography and filming of the tour, as well as the design, build and maintenance of a campaign microsite. Finally, on 29 June the Arco Tea Tour set off on an epic five day, caffeine-fuelled journey from Hull to London.

Two of us even got hands on and served free drinks and snacks while interviewing the queue of willing customers.

Photographs from the Arco Tea Tour campaign by Born + Raised, which toured the country.

Visitors to the Tea Tour van could win free stuff including branded thermal mugs and big instant discounts on safety gear at Arco trade counters. In return, we asked some searching questions about health and safety, and discovered the little things in life that people would miss if they didn’t have safety gear to protect them from injury. Each day we loaded up the films on the microsite and shared the results via social media.

Countless cuppas, several hundred miles and a huge pile of empty chocolate wrappers later, we had a fascinating bank of often funny, occasionally odd but frequently touching insights into the precious things in life that Arco safety gear protects every single working day.

The campaign has benefitted enormously from this experiential element. We found that very few people were anti-safety gear, and the vast majority would wear it even if it wasn’t compulsory.

We were able to test our campaign creative and gather insight to inform its development in the future.

Best of all, we got to speak to some fantastic people from all around the country and find out what safety gear really means to them.

Photographs from the Arco Tea Tour campaign by Born + Raised, which toured the country. Featuring Account Director Marianne Lamb.