Buses for Sheffield

Turning circles – rebranding the bus

Helping Buses for Sheffield promote a customer-focused service

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First stop

For some it’s a daily part of life and yet for others, catching the bus is a last resort.

Buses for Sheffield is a voluntary partnership between Sheffield’s bus operators, SYPTE and Sheffield City Council. Their shared goal is to make buses easier to use for the public.

The partnership asked us to build upon an existing logo and to develop a full brand identity – including a proposition and brand messaging to demonstrate how Sheffield’s bus operators work together to improve passenger experience while helping them get to where they want to be.

This was a great opportunity to positively raise the profile of the bus, attract new users and share some Sheffield pride.

Buses for Sheffield logo

A flexible identity

Working with an old logo, our designers created an updated version that was flexible, legible and distinct at all sizes and on all applications. The injection of some Sheffield-inspired colours made the brand recognisable and brought some much-needed unity to the city’s bus offering.

Buses for Sheffield banner

Timely words

Following workshops, the team worked on creating a brand proposition that set out Buses for Sheffield’s aims, goals and promises.

For the people of our city, Buses for Sheffield is working together to make travel easier. Made up of Sheffield’s bus service providers, our collective passion to make ticketing and information efficient, accessible and dependable means that more people will consider using the bus as their mode of transport.

Once the proposition was agreed, we also created a suite of brand messages that focuses on key ares for the brand – like bus regularity and multiple ticket options.

Buses for Sheffield leaflet