Narrowing the gap between print and digital attracts real-world success

Research showed a disparity in Craghoppers’ communications. We set about creating a consistent brand and identity that carried across all materials.

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Craghoppers magazine visual by Born+Raised

Creating mass market appeal that talks to individuals

As a leading brand in its sector, Craghoppers had mass market appeal. But no one wants to think of themselves as a number, so we began treating their customers as individuals. By segmenting their data, we created a range of highly-personalised online and offline materials reflecting the customers’ gender, interests, previous purchases and names.

To create a seamless online experience customers could scan printed materials to launch interactive shoppable videos, taking them to product pages or personalised landing pages based on their choices and behaviours.

Crag hoppers brochure and App - by Born + Raised
Crag hopper Images - Born + Raised
Crag hoppers website - by Born + Raised

Getting real results in the field

The campaign was an instant and continued hit. Craghoppers loved it, and so did customers. The entire customer journey now felt like a walk in the park, and the numbers certainly put a spring in Craghoppers’ step.

craghoppers-website - by Born + Raised
crags-brochure-covers - by Born + Raised
craghopperss recruitment OPM Brochure - Born + Raised

You demonstrated a thorough understanding of our brand and our market. Your unrivalled creative ideas really set you apart.

Fiona Johnson, Head of Direct Marketing Productions