Turning the bridesmaid into the bride for HSBC

Custody is all set to become a financial services game changer.

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Often referred to as the ‘back office’, custody has historically been seen as the unglamorous Cinderella of financial services. An increasingly commoditised service with little scope for innovation.

Giving custody a makeover

But big changes in the financial world, not least in terms of digital and data, are opening up huge potential for custody to play a central role in the future. So HSBC asked us to help them reposition this area of their business inspired by some visionary thought leadership content from within HSBC Securities Services.

HSBC Game changers website shown on two tablets

No plain Jane

We quickly realised that custody, far from being the plain Jane of the financial world was all set to become a fast moving and dynamic digital engine room for change within financial services. So we set about giving it a more appealing hi-tech, digital look partnered with an inspirational tone of voice.

HSBC image of an eye close up with a circuitboard on the iris

Bringing custody’s digital future to life

The theme of HSBC’s thought leadership on this topic was a vision of the future of custody, and we created a range of digital assets to illustrate this forward looking mindset. This included the design and creation of a variety of headers and images, as well as the design for a series of three downloadable white papers.

HSBC leaflet entitled 'Custody in 2025'
HSBC image of a man in a room overlooking a city at night, laptop in hand
HSBC image of an open leaflet

Engaging, watchable content

We also knew that rich, watchable content would be key to the success of the project. So our video and animation team began creating two videos, featuring interviews of senior figures from within HSBC Securities Services. Recognising that the inspiring digital theme needed to be woven through every aspect of their communications, we introduced infographic style icons to the footage to enhance and clarify the key points and topics being discussed and guide the viewer through the content.

HSBC Game Changers image
HSBC website image of John Van Verre and his job title: Global Head of Custody at HSBC Securities Services
HSBC website body image- featuring John Van Verre- Global Head of Security at HSBC Securities Services- and the sentence: 'Just think about the importance of providing asset safety and investor protection