Using video to break the industry rhythm

We helped HSBC to break out of the conventions of its sector with a series of fast-paced videos designed to make the financial world sit up and take notice.

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Default today, defunct tomorrow

Seems everyone bangs on about being a thought leader these days. We live in an age where everyone and everything is an expert, a specialist or (even worse) a guru. But merely claiming it doesn’t make it so. When you’re a genuine innovator and forward-thinker like HSBC, you need to find a way to break the industry rhythm.

Upping the tempo

HSBC’s Global Markets division had been running a campaign called ‘The Dealing Room of Tomorrow’ for 12 months. They’d produced a wealth of great thought leadership content but needed our help in ensuring that more of their target audience got to know about all that good stuff.

With technology completely reshaping the financial landscape, continuing market volatility and a wide range of new financial risks, ‘The Dealing Room of Tomorrow’ is designed to show how HSBC is uniquely placed to help institutional investors and large corporates keep pace with change. Because we all know what happens to those who don’t keep up in a dog-eat-dog world.

Fast, forward

We positioned HSBC as a key strategic partner who isn’t just keeping pace with change, but helping to set it.

Taking pace as our theme, we created a series of short, attention-grabbing videos that used dynamic type alongside pacey, percussive music. These were themed around four key business needs of execution, risk management and treasury as well as an overarching ‘umbrella’ video.

As soon as you hit play, each video challenges you to keep up, asks some pretty hefty questions and throws in a range of constant twists, turns, and changes of tempo and imagery.

Big financial institutions like HSBC seldom get credit for embracing change and it’s easy to typecast them as slow, ponderous monoliths. Yet HSBC showed themselves to be the exception by enthusiastically embracing our challenging solution to their video brief. The result gives them a fresh voice and puts them at the forefront of innovation in financial services video content.