Launching HSBC Global Wallet, a new multi-currency account

When HSBC launched a new way to hold, pay, send and receive payments in multiple currencies from one account they looked to Born + Raised to bring the benefits to life. Find out how we helped them promote their new HSBC Global Wallet account.

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Promoting the new way to hold, send and receive currency payments like a local

When HSBC needed to tell customers about a new account for businesses trading internationally that lets them hold, send and receive payments ‘like a local’ they turned to Born + Raised to create a dynamic range of marketing assets spearheaded by a pacy new ‘borderless’ video. The challenge was how to make this new product stand out in the noisy financial digital innovation space.

Making payments in different currencies can give local businesses an advantage over international businesses. For those trading internationally, payments can be complex, labour intensive and require multiple accounts, systems and logins. 

HSBC’s newly named HSBC Global Wallet account sets those international payments free, ushering in a new level of borderless transacting. Instead of having to open a separate account for each currency, HSBC customers can now hold, send and receive funds ‘like a local’ all from a single account with one login. 

Borderless transactions inspired a borderless video

HSBC’s marketing teams knew that this innovation was what customers were looking for and research from Singapore was showing it could even prompt customers to switch banks. Naturally, this meant that they were keen to get an inspiring new launch campaign for HSBC Global Wallet up and running as soon as possible to help them inform mid-market enterprise customers about this highly beneficial product upgrade.

The challenge was to create something that would be inspiring and differentiating in what has fast become an increasingly crowded space, where numerous banking innovations are constantly fighting for attention. How could our video convey the borderless quality that HSBC Global Wallet brings in a dynamic and exciting way? Of course, the global nature of the product also meant that we needed to ensure the concepts and language would be readily accessible, clearly understood and suitable for all of HSBC’s key markets across the world.

Rather than banging on about the technical details, we opted for a flowing, ‘borderless’ style of footage and animation for the video. This delivered the benefits in a punchy, entertaining way using dynamic on-screen text. This was all set to an upbeat, positive-sounding music track that complemented the overall ‘getting business done’ feel of the product. The footage chosen reflects the kind of international businesses we were aiming to target, with executives shown using HSBC Global Wallet in a variety of international scenarios.

The end result perfectly captures the optimistic, borderless, ‘no limits’ narrative HSBC was aiming to achieve for the campaign, while keeping the tone upbeat and inspiring.

Worldwide assets for this new international tool

Having set this energetic look and feel, we then set about applying the same creative approach and messaging across a number of formats to create a complete set of global marketing assets so that it could be rolled out to local HSBC markets around the world. 

These assets included:

  • Main global campaign video 
  • Shorter edits of the video for social use
  • Public website copy
  • Global marketing toolkit
  • Factsheet
  • A series of short ‘how to’ explainer videos
  • A suite of LinkedIn and other social ads.

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