Let the client lead the narrative

A video series capturing the human stories behind business success.

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Behind every successful business with international ambitions are owners and stakeholders with passion, drive and vision. HSBC International Subsidiary Banking (ISB) asked us to bring these fascinating and engaging human stories to life.

The power of human stories

Peer stories, when authentic and credible are an incredibly powerful tool. But it takes an act of faith on behalf of a brand to have enough trust in their customers to put them in the spotlight and let them control the narrative. Yet that’s exactly what we managed to persuade HSBC to do. And hats off to them, it worked a treat.

Willing participants

It speaks volumes that HSBC customers were happy to take part in our series of short videos. Thankfully, the participants were already very enthusiastic and keen to talk about how positive and supportive the bank had been in helping them to achieve their international ambitions.

Behind the camera, not in front

This was a fresh approach for HSBC. We knew that a short form video format would allow us to explore a range of themes in a relaxed, engaging and highly watchable way. But key to this was persuading HSBC to have the confidence to step back and allow their customers to lead the narrative, rather than feeling they needed to control the story from above.

So we challenged and pushed HSBC to reduce their role in the narrative in favour of the human ‘behind the business’ approach and this ultimately underpinned our whole approach to the video series.

The resulting film captured the human emotion and story behind business growth both on a micro level, for the people who lead the charge, and how that affected the business on the macro level.

Getting to know you

Key to our approach was meeting Patrick Reid, the Global CEO of Imagination, and the first business to be featured. This helped us to gain a deeper understanding of the story from the client’s perspective. With his help we were able to frame interview questions that would draw this story out, ensuring that the resulting videos fulfilled our key objective of being client-centred, rather than bank-centric.

Along with a series of video on different themes, we created a range to be deployed across social media, a companion written article, emails and a pitch deck for their sales staff to use.

Check out the video on the HSBC website here