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We helped HSBC increase awareness of its payment and cash management capabilities.

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A photograph and infographic from the SIBOS campaign for HSBC by Born + Raised.

Volatile ever-changing markets aren’t for the faint-hearted. But even the brave need a partner who can guide them through the complexities.

Having helped businesses for over 150 years, HSBC is no stranger to leading the way. We’ve already worked with the bank to reinforce and promote priority themes at SIBOS, so we were perfectly positioned to help when HSBC asked us to help strengthen its status as a provider of Payment and Cash Management solutions in Europe.

An engaging educational video was the perfect tool to highlight and emphasise HSBC’s capabilities.

A photograph of a European city from the SIBOS campaign for HSBC by Born + Raised.

Finding the focal points

Aimed at key decision makers for large corporates, the video needed to appeal directly to CFOs, CEOs, heads of treasuries.That meant a lot of research. But that’s one of the things

After a crash course in the intricacies of Payment and Cash Management, we produced a script to highlight HSBC’s secure, modern network and extensive cross border understanding.

Our design team then developed the storyboard and visuals. The video uses interconnecting shapes (inspired by the HSBC logo) to create a series of dynamic placeholders for stats and figures. Viewers are taken on a journey through European streets before HSBC’s full network capabilities are gradually revealed as the video transitions to shots of an illuminated world.

A photograph of a European city from the SIBOS campaign for HSBC by Born + Raised.

Final cut

Clocking in at two minutes, the video offers a comprehensive overview of HSBC’s infrastructure and knowledge, and demonstrates its ability to identify opportunities in a volatile market – positioning the bank as a leading provider of Payment and Cash Management in Europe, and beyond.

The video has even been translated into Turkish, but thankfully not by us. The only Turkish word we know is gıda (food!).