Bringing a new product enhancement to life

Promoting a process upgrade can be an uphill battle. But bring the customer benefits to life in an exciting way and something magical happens. Find out how we helped HSBC plug their new portal.

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HSBC turned to us to help them to launch a new portal designed to make the whole process of arranging Receivables Finance quick and easy. Working closely with their marketing teams we zeroed in on the key benefits and brought them to life in a snappy video and backed up with a range of other marketing assets.

Injecting some pace into a new Receivables Finance portal campaign

Waiting for payment slows things down and arranging finance, particularly Receivables Finance, can be complex and time-consuming. But what if it could all be as easy as one two three? That was the premise behind HSBC’s new Receivables Finance online application tool. 

This new portal streamlines the process, immediately making it significantly quicker and easier for clients to arrange. Now, it’s just a simple three-step process.

Our challenge was to bring that simplicity to life in an equally simple and striking way across a suite of communications materials.

For the main video, we paired some simple, snappy words conveying the key benefits with an upbeat, percussive soundtrack. The video starts with a ticking clock soundtrack as a young business owner waits for payment, and then launches into a dynamic, positive-feeling narrative to communicate the positive benefits that receiving payment faster can bring to a business.

In addition to the global version of the video we also created:

  • US, Singapore and UK versions of the video
  • Customer emails
  • Global and UK versions of a factsheet
  • A marketing toolkit
  • Social media assets
  • Process diagram infographic 
  • Customer-facing presentation slides for Regional Managers to use.

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