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Opportunity knocks – putting doors on homeowners' radars.

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World-leading manufacturer of windows, doors and stairs, Jeld-Wen is a US-owned company employing 20,000 people worldwide. They approached Born + Raised to develop their first ever campaign to consumers in partnership with retailers across the UK.

The brief challenged us to name and launch a new collection of market-leading door products that combine good looks with functionality. They were looking for help to reposition consumer thinking around the aesthetic role of doors and give customers some engaging and compelling reasons to trade up to their new range.

Strategy and insight

As a nation, we are interiors-obsessed. We scroll through Pinterest, watch George Clarke and spend vast amounts of time and money on our homes, changing floors, selecting furniture and agonising over the right paint and wallpaper.

Yet we overlook doors. They might get a lick of paint, but rarely are they high up the priority list when we’re creating a space to reflect our personalities and tastes.

It was obvious that, to launch the range and sell more doors, we needed a campaign message capable of changing consumer mindsets and influencing their behaviour.

The big idea

Looking around at home interior magazines we clocked that doors were almost entirely absent and ignored. Yet the Jeld-Wen range includes some dramatic ‘statement’ doors. It was just a short jump to the idea of making them the focal point, a true design feature instead of languishing in a supporting role. And so our campaign ‘Doors you can’t ignore’ was born. It ticked all the right boxes – channel neutral, relevant to all audiences and with oodles of longevity for post-launch.

All the supporting copy for the campaign qualified the line, explaining how the doors in the collection combined visual appeal with quality and performance.

And the range name? We knew we didn’t want this to sound like just any old collection of doors from a manufacturer. Like the paintings in an art gallery or sets of images on Pinterest, this collection of doors had been specially selected and put together by Jeld-Wen’s designers. We therefore opted to call the range ‘Curated’ by Jeld-Wen.

From awareness to understanding

It was obvious to us that the behavioural and perception change Jeld-Wen were looking for could only happen in stages. Stage one of our strategy had to simply be one of awareness, to make potential customers aware of the range and to begin to consider investing in a door for their project. Stage two was to deepen understanding and get them to choose Jeld-Wen’s Curated By range because of its combination of looks, design features and quality manufacturing.

Bringing it to life

To launch their multi-channel campaign, we designed and built a campaign website to which consumers were driven via paid and organic search, social media marketing, influencer marketing and DM to recent house-buyers.

Two types of imagery were produced for the campaign. Monotone claybaked CGI backgrounds were used as the primary campaign visuals to draw all the attention towards the door. We paired these with colour photography of the doors to emphasise the quality and design features of the doors themselves.

Photo-quality renders were used as supporting imagery as well as on product pages and printed materials to give consumers a better idea of how they might sit in a room. Like the claybakes, the doors remained central in the renders. Both types of imagery were designed to showcase the latest trends in home décor to demonstrate to consumers how different doors from the range fit different styles.

Scores on the doors

During the first quarter of the campaign, “Doors you can’t ignore” made nearly 3 million social impressions, over 34,000 people visited the website and over 500,000 people watched the video.

Born + Raised completely nailed the brief for this project. I am excited to see the results of the campaign over the coming months. Initial signs are looking very positive.

Charlotte Coleman, Marketing Manager at Jeld-Wen