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Not just rubbish

It’s been an amazing journey for Keep Britain Tidy, who started out life as an anti-litter campaign in 1955. The brand works with a wide range of major organisations, as well as with local authorities, on large-scale behavioural change projects. They approached us because their website was cluttered and dated, and didn’t reflect the full breadth and scope of the brand’s work and vision.

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Everything in the right place

When you’re called Keep Britain Tidy there’s a real onus on you to have an online presence that lives up to your name. So the first task was to declutter the website to create a tidier, more logical journey for users – who include the general public and a range of partners and local authorities – all with very different needs and interests.

Qualitative and quantitative research informed the development of the project scope and user experience. We analysed extensive survey data from Network members as well as members of the general public. We also conducted 1:1 telephone interviews with stakeholders and web users.

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Disrupt, inform and impact

The extensive website holds over 60 years of information – making an easy user experience a critical requirement. Features include an event search, a secure area for network members, dedicated campaign areas, a pledge form and a donations area.

We created a fresh sitemap, which segments the content by audience, so that each user can quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for. We also created dedicated login areas for members of the public, making it simpler and easier to organise events and keep track of information.

And, of course, a prominent donate button and page to drive those all-important donations.

You can read more about our work with Keep Britain Tidy on Prolific North.

Keep Britain Tidy header, featuring the text '14,000 Hours donated to waterside care in 2016, 1,500 tonnes of litter cleared from parks, streets and beaches and 336,000 litter heroes recruited in 2016'

Our fantastic new website supports all those who want to take action to eliminate litter, bring an end to waste and create a great environment on their doorstep.

Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive

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