Bucking industry trends to become a market leader

Finding the right issue helped LaBeeby differentiate its offering.

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LeBeeby logo on pink background. Photographed and designed by Born + Raised.

All clients have problems. That’s why they need agencies.

Some problems are easily solved in an afternoon, while others can take weeks before a solution, let alone any creative, appears. But there are times when clients come to you with the wrong problem and, if you don’t ask the right questions, the real issue gets swept under the shiny new solution.

There’s a point in the creative process (right at the beginning unless you’re a fan of throwing your work in the bin) where you have to stop and deconstruct a brief. If you put yourself in the end users’ shoes, you’ll find that they can think very differently to the client.

La Beeby brochure - La Beeby Accessories- Photographed and designed by Born and Raised.
Image of a Brochure on La Beeby. Photographed and designed by Born and Raised.

Daring to be different

Take our recent work with leading salon workwear provider, LaBeeby, as an example. We were approached to refresh the brand after the company suffered a few unfortunate setbacks. Our brief was to win back lapsed customers.

That would have been okay, and many creatives would have ploughed that furrow until an idea sprouted. But we took a step back and properly assessed the scene. LaBeeby had a real chance to buck industry trends and become a market leader. If the brand dared to be different. Thankfully, it did.

So the new LaBeeby brand doesn’t look like anything in its industry. It looks and talks like a fashion brand. Its new photography style would slip right into the glossy pages of a lifestyle magazine. And LaBeeby no longer offer compulsory uniforms, but must-have workwear. Those lapsed customers will notice the difference. And so will new ones.

We’ve found that when you take a wider view of the problem in front of you, you’ll often find a new issue that needs your attention as well.

Picture of La Beeby Brochure Designed by Born and Raised Photo of La Beeby Brochure Designed by Born and Raised
Photo of a male and a female model in La Beeby workwear alongside the sentence Photos of models wearing La Beeby workwear with the sentence