Longley Park Sixth Form

Putting real students centre stage in this recruitment campaign

Students expect more from learning institutions that ever before. Project You reminded them that they are always the focus.

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Changing attitudes to empower young minds

Longley Park Sixth Form College does a brilliant job of creating training and educational opportunities for young people. But despite this, societal prejudices left the college struggling to attract the desired number of students. They needed an effective and engaging recruitment campaign.

A challenging year

2018 was a particularly difficult year for recruiting new students. There was a both decline in cohort numbers, as well as an increase in post 16 providers. Longley Park College needed something that was going to help them compete in this increasingly competitive environment.

Putting students in the driving seat

Our starting point was to gather deeper insights into what makes existing students, parents and staff so proud of Longley Park. We invited groups of them to our Born + Raised offices for two workshops, where we used a number of different techniques including a card sorting exercise and Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circles’ which helps brands to explore their central ‘WHY’ to communicate their vision to their audience. In addition to this being an enjoyable and useful exercise, we were particularly impressed by the enthusiastic and invaluable input of the students themselves.

An inspiring project for us too

These valuable insights informed our creative exploration of potential campaigns. The resulting theme is both empowering and inspirational and lifts the college above its competitors, with all the sophistication of a much larger scale university campaign. ‘Project You’ has inspiring and aspirational imagery of genuine, current students at its heart, and positions choosing Longley Park as the next, important step in taking charge of your own future.

The accompanying copy is grown up, highly supportive and firmly focused on explaining to prospective students how the college can help them achieve their objectives in life, whatever they may be.