Longley Park Sixth Form

An educating rebrand

Dream big. Aim high. Reach further. Giving the college the a truly reflective identity.

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After working with Longley Park Sixth Form on a recruitment campaign, the educational institution invited us to help revamp their brand identity for a new era.

Starting with a workshop to really understand the aims and desired outcomes of the project, we realised that Longley Park are passionate about delivering a tailored experience that helps each student meet their individual goals. Armed with this knowledge we set about creating an identity that captured the brand’s essence while also staying true to the Brigantia Trust family of brands that it’s a part of.

Longley Park logos
Longley Park brand colours

A bright future

We landed on a warm and inviting colour palette which included a serious navy, and electric blue to tie in with other Brigantia Trust members, an aqua for fresh balance and a mustard yellow for some stand out.

The logo demonstrates the maturity of students at Longley Park and how they have all the building blocks for their future. The cut through element runs at 14 degrees to mirror the entrance to the Sixth Form – the students’ gateway to the school and their unique goals.

Longley Park posters
Longley Park brand equity
Screenshot of the Longley Park Instagram feed Longley Park cup
Longley Park tote bags Longley Park signage