Forget everything you know about banks

Say hello to another way.

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The banking industry is a tough game. Negative perceptions and towering global goliaths make it nearly impossible for new banks to break through. Nearly. And where there’s a nearly there’s a way.

Bang on the money

Masthaven’s bridging loans had an enviable reputation. So they levelled up and got their banking license. It was a big step – and a big risk. The launch had to sell Masthaven’s USP and get people to trust an unknown bank.

In a market cluttered with mechanisms, gadgets, gizmos and doohickeys, Masthaven rely on people to make their decisions. We thought they should make a big deal about that. So Masthaven told people that people would be looking after their money. The initial launch introduced Masthaven as a customer-centric bank offering tailored products.

Now you’re talking

We created a tone of voice that speaks to people clearly, with no financial services clichés and with an edge deserving of a challenger bank – witty and intelligent while still being professional, credible and knowledgeable. We teamed this with an energetic, welcoming colour palette and clean aesthetic with simple iconography to create a look and feel that really stands out within the marketplace.

Masthaven Bank Posters by Born + Raised
Masthaven website displayed on a mobile
Masthaven flyer

The monopoly

There’s now a new bank in the world for people who want a flexible option that’s tailored to them. As it turns out, there’s few of those people – Masthaven let us know they have 3,000 customers after just 5 weeks. Sure, it’s not millions, but it could be. And probably will be one day.

Masthaven Bank, Magazine visual by Born+Raised