Engaging emails for busy people

Turning monthly monitoring emails into a customer engagement campaign.

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When are your utility bills up for renewal?

No idea? Same.

Now we’ve mentioned it, maybe you’ll remind yourself to check later. Then you’ll get home, stick on a box set and forget all about it. You might eventually remember and soon realise that you’ve been paying over the odds for an automatic renewal, but not to worry because it’s up for renewal again soon. And the cycle starts over.

The folk over at MoneySuperMarket are fully aware of this and handily try to keep customers engaged in their financial outgoings – in a way that minimises disruption to your viewing time.

Helping people ‘Get money calm’.

After repositioning themselves as a brand that helps users alleviate sources of financial anxiety, MoneySuperMarket tasked us with developing their monthly monitoring emails for app users.

We approached the work as more than just creating a few emails and treated the project as a customer engagement campaign.

By utilising data sources, we were able to create more personalised and engaging content to drive users back to the app at as many points as possible.

We created an interface that balanced the volume of content with great user experience, and strengthened communications with improved iconography that was given a focused action meaning to make the design clearer.

Tone of voice was also a vital part of the project. When it comes to copy, there’s a temptation to talk about everything a brand can do for the customer, but what about what a customer can do for themselves? By limiting the use of words like ‘we’ and ‘our’ in favour of ‘you’ and ‘your’ we empower readers to act.

Seeing the project through to completion.

Once the design was completed, we worked closely with the MoneySuperMarket app team to integrate the emails into their technical platforms, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The final result is a series of clear, convincing emails that engages users to get the best deals from suppliers and still leaves enough time for plenty of box-set binging.