Helping NEX choose where to make a stand

What do you do when your competitors use scare tactics? You choose the opposite path.

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With reporting regimes like EMIR, SFTF and others looming on the horizon, compliance has become a complex and time consuming area for financial services businesses.

NEX specialise in regulatory reporting services, with an agile, innovative and highly supportive end-to-end service that includes a wide range of advice and specialist online tools. Theirs is an unusually holistic and thorough approach to reporting which doesn’t simply stop when compliance with a single regime is completed.

Nevertheless, they were finding that, faced with the complexity of the regulatory landscape, potential customers were defaulting into choosing bigger, better known regulatory compliance competitors by urgent, negative messaging about fines and deadlines. What’s more, many of these competitors were claiming to provide an end-to-end service, although none were able to offer the breadth and depth of service provided by NEX.

Faced by bigger opponents, we boxed clever

Working with NEX, we put together a brand awareness campaign founded on insight which indicated that taking a positive messaging approach, rather than the scare tactics of their competitors, would hit the mark and help to build positive appeal around the NEX brand.

So, rather than shouty ‘HURRY, the deadline is looming’ and ‘YOU could be FINED £XXXX’ messaging, we chose a more empathetic, supportive approach. Taking our cue from the NEX brand colours we created a distinctive ‘contour map’ visual style and paired it with headlines that talked about navigating customers on that journey, with NEX as the reliable guide who knew the lie of the land.

This was applied to a range of static and animated online banners, emails and print adverts in the specialist financial press.

Having recently gone through a rebrand, it was important for us to launch an effective campaign that reaffirms our position as a market leading regulatory reporting provider. Born + Raised took the time and care to fully understand our brief and the resulting creatives captured the heart of our brand with simple and effective messaging and a clever complementary graphic.

Phillipa Hanman, Marketing Manager, NEX