From new era to lasting legacy in a rebrand

Merging the Delachaux group's businesses into one powerful brand.

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When companies are merged, a common ground needs to be established so all employees and customers can still feel the values of the old brands while seeing the vision of the new, united business.

So when the Delachaux group approached us to create a new brand for their amalgamated businesses which operate in over 100 countries, we set about finding a point of difference that everyone could get behind.

Start before the beginning

Our planning team played a pivotal role in this project. They undertook research and stakeholder engagement, which informed their strategic recommendations and went on to define a new architecture, name and proposition for the brand.

A key finding of the research was the existence of a strong, previously unrecognised, cohesion across the Delachaux rail infrastructure businesses in terms of quality, innovation and approach to customer relationships. This insight allowed us to move forwards with confidence and build on the qualities the Pandrol name has represented in the industry for decades.

Design that strips away the complex

At the core of the new brand is the logo. The all caps lettering establishes the brand’s strength and boldness while the regimented spacing between letters alludes to the regulated spacing of Pandrol’s products on rail tracks across the globe, and the precision with which Pandrol engineer their products. The forward angles on the P and L give the logo a sense of movement.

The confident P can be used as a standalone icon for the brand. It is also a subtle nod to the game-changing clip made by the original Pandrol brand.

The P from the Pandrol logo is used as an icon. Shown in 4 colour lock ups.

Positioned within an ownable space in the market, the colour palette captures the blues and greys of steel while the yellow reflects the welding and electrification arm of the brand. The equity is formed from crops of the P and the angle of the P and the L of the logo to give an extra dimension of strength and a sense of foundation.

Our copy team also played an essential role in the rebrand, developing internal and external propositions for Pandrol, and making sure the brand had a confident yet approachable tone to match its identity.

Off on the right tracks

To launch the new identity, we created a brand portal for employees and customers to introduce them to the new branding. We then focused on video, a range of printed products and stand designs to make sure the new brand was instantly recognisable in any environment.

You can read more about the work on this brand on Prolific North and Transform.

Pandrol logos on: a van, a hard hat, a safety vest and banners