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Game for a rebrand

Have a peek at this new brand.

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Sheffield neighbours Team Cooper make …

We sat down to chat about their plans for the future – the first key project being a rebrand.

Realising the team had all the right qualities to level up, we set about creating a brand to match their technical expertise, marketing know-how and creative chutzpah.

The team already had a new name for the brand – Peek & Poke. A throwback to an old computing command.

Games are more than fun

The Peek & Poke team recognise that games are much more than fun – and their commitment to providing measured engagements and results for their clients put them top of the leader board. This became the driving idea behind the positioning work.

We created the strapline ‘Playful experiences. Lasting connections’ to demonstrate the brand’s duality – the first half dealing with the enjoyable engagement aspects of the products and the latter nodding to the long-term relationships and awareness the brand builds.

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Smiles better

The brand identity combines the 0 of binary and the > found in Markup language to build a face. The smile represents the positive connections the brand fosters. This playful, slick and web-friendly mark can be broken up into its component parts and multiplied to add depth and detail to the brand.

The main player colours of the brand are bright and bold without being overpowering to make sure the games aways stay centre stage.

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