Plug in to the complete connection

Helping Prysmian’s power distribution unit power past the competition.

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Prysmian Group’s power distribution unit are a major provider of both aerial and underground medium-voltage cable systems. Essentially, they’re the world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry.

The research

Prysmian’s power distribution team came to us with some interesting market research – in certain audience segments, the customer was unsure of the benefits that buying from Prysmian would bring. Additionally, the research showed that a smaller segment had no awareness of the brand at all. This had to change.

The insight

To help the team turn these challenging insights into a strategic opportunity, our strategists set about an in-depth discovery phase that included desk research, staff questionnaires, stakeholder interviews and group working sessions.  

Using the insights we uncovered, we began to craft a narrative around Prysmian’s proactive service and their reliability that was most compelling and motivating for customers – the key component that made Prysmian stand out in their market.

The campaign

From this insight, we formed a single-minded idea around ‘Trusted Service’. Using this as our North Star, the studio team explored the creative territory and developed a campaign concept that that spoke perfectly to the strategy we’d unearthed – The Complete Connection

To bring The Complete Connection to life, we developed a campaign identity and activation plan to take the campaign to market effectively.  

The hero asset that lived on a dedicated landing page took the form of a beautifully emotive campaign film. In order to support this the team also crafted case study content, emails, sales presentations, LinkedIn copy and design as well as social edits of the campaign film.