Would you rather fill out a survey or take part in a quiz?

How a quiz transformed SITA’s understanding of passenger emotions.

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Photograph and copy from the Passenger Survey campaign by Born + Raised for SITA

Getting airborne

Each year SITA conducts its Passenger Survey Report with the aim to better understand passenger behaviour and acceptance of technology. Last year the report was expanded to include a new section which analysed the impact of technology on travellers’ emotions.

When SITA asked us to help collect information about the emotional ups and downs of air travel, we thought quiz rather than survey, and looked to Buzzfeed rather than Proust.

Our digital team set about building a website that had all the familiar hallmarks of an online quiz, making the site easy to navigate and user-friendly. While we retained elements of the SITA brand, we positioned the website as less corporate and more public-facing to maximise engagement.

Putting travellers on the emotional map

Once travellers answered the questions they were rewarded with their very own profile, and an assessment of their travel behaviour.

It was important that travellers could compare their results to see how they shaped up to others – who doesn’t like to see how they fit among their peers? A searchable map plotted traveller types by airports, so users could see how their type was represented across the globe as well.

Travellers were then given the chance to share their results on their social channels and encourage friends to take part.

Flying start

In the first four months, the quiz was taken 14,295 times and was translated into another six languages. And the continuing flow of new data is helping shape SITA’s understanding of the emotional impact technology is having on air travel.