Moving focus from product to platform

Empowering people to rock together.

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The challenge was to create a suite of precision marketing assets for Sunsilk that shifted the focus from product to platform whilst maintaining a high level of creativity. With a precise demographic to work with, we set about identifying four campaign themes that would appeal to the personal, professional and individual ambitions for those customers in order to generate awareness and direct response.

More than just hair

The new platform, Juntas Arrasamos (which loosely translates to ‘together we rock’) is aimed at young women who are going through times of pivotal change in their lives. It enables Sunsilk’s customers to connect to new sources of motivational and educational content, as well as other women who inspire them and can help guide their next steps.

A new mindset

To excite and engage Sunsilk’s customers, we had to get into their heads. Using third-party audience data, we devised four scenarios that represented pivotal moments in the lives of young women. These scenarios included moving to college and getting involved with activism. Within each theme, we created a complimentary suite of assets that would engage and convey the sense of empowerment and togetherness that the brand stands for.

A creative framework

From there, we created a modular framework that allowed Sunsilk to quickly and efficiently create relevant pieces of content and target their customer segments with high-precision Facebook and Instagram assets. Messaging and footage could be quickly swapped out to create new scenarios to target different audience segments while retaining the core concept and strategy.

The empowering call to action of ‘Join the sisterhood’ was used across the campaign, and #JuntasArrasamos was also featured prominently to build recognition and point users to the platform where customers would be encouraged to engage with the platform, thrive through new sources of inspirational content and ultimately become advocates for the Sunsilk brand.