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The living (choice) is easy – student accommodation campaign

Promoting university-managed accommodation using authenticity.

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Having worked with the University of Sheffield on its undergraduate recruitment campaign, we won a pitch to work with a different arm of the business to show students why university-managed accommodation is a fine choice for those looking for a place to live while studying.

Walking around the campus for some inspiration, we quickly started swapping stories about university life and where we all lived. What struck us was that all our stories had the same start – halls was always the start. The first place you go to, drop off your things and begin a new chapter. And so ‘Start Here’ became the campaign concept.


A world of firsts

Making sure this first big choice is the right one is critical so we reassured students that university-managed accommodation was the perfect way to start university life. Here was their chance to enjoy the best security, no hidden costs and peace of mind – all while exploring a new place and making new friends.


Campaign visual of students playing Jenga

Real style

Authenticity was key when it came to showing the type of life students could expect in university-managed accommodation so we used real students and actual locations to represent a wide range of social activities and moments, inside and outside of accommodation.

We worked with Content on Demand to create an overarching video and short social snippets.

Brochure mockups
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