Inspiring, supporting and informing the next generation

Delivering an exclusive virtual masterclass series to engage future family wealth inheritors and self-made millennial entrepreneurs.

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As anyone who has children knows, connecting with the Next Generation is never easy. For HSBC Private Banking, the arrival of a global pandemic, which ruled out face-to-face contact with younger clients, only made the whole situation more difficult.

Having historically relied upon exclusive events and networking opportunities to connect with the Next Generation, HSBC approached us for suggestions on new ways to reach out and support their young current and future clients during these difficult times.

We presented HSBC with the idea of a highly exclusive virtual masterclass series, with topics and speakers we knew would appeal to the Next Gen.


Human engagement through digital connection

Composed of young individuals set to inherit considerable family wealth and successful millennial entrepreneurs, the Next Generation has a very different attitude towards wealth compared with their parents. To inform our proposed masterclass series and focus our choice of speakers, we knew we needed a deeper understanding of their motivations and wealth aspirations.

So step one was some research into the different personas and some competitor analysis to assess what other private banks were offering.

The results were fascinating and immediately revealed several key themes. For this younger generation, wealth isn’t about inward personal self indulgence, it’s inextricably entwined with the prosperity of humanity and the planet as a whole. As a result their outlook is much more global, human, outward and social.

Finding faces with the right fit

Armed with these insights, we were able to source speakers who had faced the challenges of inheriting family wealth or family legacies or are successful entrepreneurs. All were highly engaging speakers who talked knowledgeably about their personal experience and of how they have made their own mark by bringing fresh skills and ideas into businesses or through philanthropy, activism, sustainability and other ethical approaches.

The first masterclass featured the inspirational, Nadja Swarovski, member of the Swarovski Executive Board and chair of the Swarovski Foundation, who talked about making your mark through modern giving. Our second masterclass introduced the dynamic and entrepreneurial Azran Osman-Rani, former CEO of AirAsia X and founder of Naluri Hidup, a digital health technology company. Azran talked about mastering the qualities you need to have a real impact in business. Finally, we featured the highly engaging and inspiring Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela and founder of the Mandela Institute for Humanity, who entertained our young audience with anecdotes and advice about managing the family succession challenges that impact the Next Gen.

Behind the scenes, Born + Raised managed the whole process of putting together the live masterclass events, from interviewing and briefing the speakers to coaching the HSBC speakers and moderators and managing the technical set up and recording of the session through Intrado.

Starting the conversation, then keeping it going

As part of the communications package around the campaign we also provided HSBC Private Banking Relationship Managers with a toolkit, which educated them about the series to help them initiate and develop meaningful conversations with the Next Generation audience and their parents.

To stimulate interest in the events we produced an invite email and wrote an interview article with each speaker. This added a richer level of detail and content to help Relationship Managers at HSBC promote the event to their clients. A post event follow up email included an event playback video and survey to help us gather insights and feedback to improve the series as we went along.

The campaign was also promoted on LinkedIn using a 2 minute summary video along with three 10 second social video stings and a thought leadership article around each masterclass topic.