Yorkshire Building Society

A content hub to help the over 55s plan their financial future

Creating a content hub for Yorkshire Building Society to provide plain, straight talking guidance for the over 55s to help them make informed decisions about their financial future.

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The over-55s certainly aren’t short of advice on pensions. Retirement planning is a noisy, crowded and often confusing space. Yorkshire Building Society could see an opportunity to be a trusted voice offering expert, impartial information.

The solution was a content hub called Our Money Movement A well-structured, strategically chosen inspirational and educational content about the key things you need to think about if you’re 55 or over. 

We provided Yorkshire Building Society with strategic insight, design and build of the website, third party integration, an SEO strategy, content research, copy and content writing and asset design.

Building on a rich legacy 

Yorkshire Building Society knew they already had the credentials to become the quiet and trusted voice in this space. Their plan was to provide curated insight and guidance to over-55s to help them make the right decisions at the right time, in a format that people and search engines love. 

Behind this was the objective of beginning the journey towards becoming a public-facing resource for impartial guidance on important financial topics. We knew publishing a large volume of content would help Yorkshire Building Society rank for a wider set of informational search terms. The hub was also designed to equip their staff with the content and tools they need to provide customers with useful face-to-face guidance, fill in knowledge gaps and drive action. 

Content driven by SEO insights 

Through extensive keyword research, four key topics emerged that we used as pillars for our content: 

  • Planning your retirement
  • Getting the most from your pension and investments
  • Using your home to fund retirement
  • Planning longer-term care

Having established the main topics we then began generating ideas for cluster pages and articles. These were linked from pillar pages using the key questions we knew people were asking from our keyword research. Competitor research also provided topics for further pages and guided the length they needed to be. 

Copywriters and SEO experts researched, planned and wrote about a huge range of tricky questions. We helped them to demystify equity release, lifetime mortgages, wills, inheritance tax and how to fund long-term care.  

Tonally, it was important to maintain both the Yorkshire Building Society’s friendly, down to earth brand voice as well as ensuring that the copy was easy to read, authoritative and optimised for web.  

We retired the ‘retirement’ clichés  

At the same time we were working on the look and feel for a completely new area of the website to house all this useful stuff. We created a site structure based around categorised content and informed by our SEO analysis, which makes it easy for users to quickly find the information they are looking for.  

The Money Movement was given a fresh look and feel in line with the Yorkshire Building Society brand, with imagery that deliberately features ‘real’ people who look like our much more youthful and contemporary minded 55+ target audience, rather than stereotypical retirement images of grey haired elderly looking people. 

We also created a range of ‘triage’ materials for their in-branch colleagues to use to help them guide customers through a face-to-face appointment at a Yorkshire Building Society branch. These covered all the main topics and gave suggestions for further reading online and action points for customers to take away with them.  

The result is a comprehensive content hub of accessible, easy to navigate, reassuringly helpful information on all the big retirement topics. 

Of course, all this is a great fit with the Yorkshire Building Society brand, which seeks to empower customers to make the right decisions, rather than forcing an option or a product on them. 

  • In 6 months, the hub accumulated nearly 1,000 ranking keywords and 100 backlinks. 
  • 10 of the 24 pages rank on the first page for their focus keyword. 
  • Previously underperforming topics are now ranking impressively. For example, the site once ranked 68th for ‘can I afford to retire early’ and is now ranking first. 


One team, one great result 

From day one, it was a real team effort between ourselves and the Yorkshire Building Society team, which resulted in some lovely client feedback:

The quality of the content was excellent from the start and the strategic input was spot on. 

Your team’s attitude, energy and approach was brilliant. There was a culture fit between between the teams, everyone was aligned on the joint aim and this came through in ways of working and stayed true throughout. Loved working with you!

The Money Movement content is already receiving positive feedback from users with 75% of members saying they think it is a good resource that’s easy to navigate and a third claiming they will utilise the content.