Bridging the gap for HSBC

Growing into the bank's Tier Two agency.

Solid relationships grow stronger over time, and since 2015 we’ve worked hard with HSBC to establish our position as their Tier Two agency. What do we mean by this? We bridge an important, often overlooked gap between global ATL agencies and a shortlist of channel-specialist agencies.

Strategy + Creative

HSBC rely on us to be the safeguards of their strategic vision when it comes to brand campaigns and content activation, by casting a critical eye and making sure that the tonal and creative execution is on point, every time. Not to mention the inclusion of their key themes throughout all communications.

In short, we understand the wider brand strategy and ensure that everything we do means the customers always see a consistent view of the bank.

Big + Small

Alongside big agency thinking we bring small agency agility. We thrive on the challenge of activating high-quality content, quickly. Our collaborative successes include the launch of the Digital Transformation for Corporates campaign. This is a strategic initiative to show that HSBC are heavily investing in their customers through digital transformation.

We also helped them disrupt the market with the HSBC Global Markets video campaign. A motion graphics series that challenged the perception that HSBC were lagging behind fintech innovators, this campaign firmly positioned them as the true leaders in the evolving arena of digital international trade.

Elsewhere in the bank, we celebrated customer successes with the launch of the International Subsidiary Bank series. In an inspiring storytelling campaign which put customers at the centre, we helped HSBC take a step back to celebrate their customers’ achievements, not their own.

Cost + Agility

To meet customer needs and those of internal stakeholders, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and agility are just as important to brand managers as integrity of the brand itself.

But far from big agency wannabes, they have a fine understanding of where they fit into the mix and can demonstrate that their modest size, blend of abilities, and the accompanying agility this brings can be the answer to a marketing manager’s prayers.