Retaining heritage while being tastemakers

Premier Foods is home to many of our country’s best-loved food brands. Since being appointed in early 2019, we’ve helped shorten the divide between strategy and activation left by a gap in their agency roster across several of their brands.

Like many brands, Premier Foods had an agency roster which included the big ad agency, with its big thinking (and equally hefty price tag), and a group of specialist agencies, all experts in their field but somewhat disconnected. Which meant that Premier Foods was struggling to get effective campaigns activated without some form of compromise.

So when it came to brands and marketers looking to activate campaigns swiftly, across multiple channels, in line with the big strategic direction, while landing messages that would really connect with audiences, they were being forced to choose. Should they turn to the big ad agency, but have to accept the same big budget ad spun across all channels simply because the budget wouldn’t stretch and they couldn’t think nimbly? Or should they call on multiple specialists, and risk a disconnected campaign that would be at the expense of the main strategy and take far too long? There was no right answer. And so there was always compromise.

A recipe of success

It was our appetite to fill the gap in Premier Foods’ agency roster that led to us winning their plant-based brand, Plantastic, as a client. We helped them to define the brand’s strategic opportunity to differentiate itself in a crowded market and then activated a launch campaign based around the insights.

Mr Kipling is a brand that normally needs no introduction, but with the launch of a new size of cake, we brought to life the heritage brand’s strategy based on sharing, with a head-turning out-of-home campaign.

Following the success of the brand launch campaign for Plantastic that saw creative reach new customers from YouTube to Tesco, we are working with Premier Foods to bring some of Plantastic’s vivacious nature to its Instagram feed.

The no negotiation approach

This agile way of working has opened doors for Premier Foods which had previously remained firmly closed. Across the board, we are helping marketers realise that swift activation doesn’t have to come at the cost of strategy.

The work we’ve produced together has maximised budgets, minimised timeframes and has with it the sweet taste of commercial success.