Dale Watson

Senior Creative

Dale’s a newbie to the Born + Raised family, (having only joined during the summer of 2021) but has more than 12 years’ experience at some of Sheffield’s other top agencies.

He joined the team as a Senior Creative, which means he has a mix of skills. He’s not just here to think up ideas but craft them too. What exactly he’ll get up to at Born + Raised, only time will tell!

For me it’s important to always be creative and curious. To be creative is a fun and rewarding way to live and work. Remain curious and inspiration can come from anywhere.

Dale has previously worked as a Designer and Art Director with a focus on thinking up ideas for TV and other media. Past clients include Fox’s biscuits, The Perfume Shop, Go Outdoors, The Co-operative Bank, Tombola and Sheffield’s Bullion Chocolate.

He is also a keen illustrator and will often work on projects outside of work too, he also loves whisky, travel and the outdoors. If not at his desk he can probably be found making another brew or perhaps he’s been distracted by the local wildlife again!

Dale in two words: Whisky + Wilderness