Emma Mitchell

Senior Account Manager

Emma’s a newbie here at Born + Raised and has been with us since August 2021, after travelling back from China where she’d been living for three years.

As well as adjusting back to life in the UK, she’s managing some of our largest client accounts on a number of strategic, brand and digital projects.

Happy working on everything from concepts to producing videos, she’s able to turn her thinking to the task at hand quickly and creatively. Not limiting her role to Account Management, Emma get’s stuck in with video content and has even featured in one of our clients sales conference videos!

For me, working with varied clients and talented people in different departments is what makes my job so exciting. The team here are so inspiring and it’s a pleasure to be a part of such a creative workplace. There’s never a dull day here!

Before relocating to China to teach English to 3-6 year olds, Emma lived in London as an AM and worked on accounts for Superdrug, Whittards of Chelsea, Markel and more. She’s also produced her own documentary that made it into the Cannes Film Festival short corner.

She loves immersing herself into different cultures and her lust for adventure has taken her to China, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and more just in just the last two years.

Emma’s duo? Malbec + Mountains