Tamaris Roberts

Tamaris Roberts, Office Manager at Born and Raised

Office Manager

Tamaris has worked at Born + Raised for over a year with a further 14 years’ experience in Office Management and PA work. She knows her sh*t!

She carries out HR, recruitment and IT management, supports the accounts department, looks after health and safety implementation and management, office facilities/maintenance and travel bookings, as well as being the PA to the MD and being a central liaison for suppliers and contractors.

We are family – sounds a cliché but it’s so true. We are all on the same page and believe in the same goals. We have a great time together; varied, fun and a bit wild.

In the past, Tamaris worked at Sheffield Hallam University for 9 years, returning as an employee after having studied there. She worked in recruitment and event management before that.

She is the daddy when it comes to organizing. Our last “Best Born + Raised anniversary weekend ever” and kept it a surprise to the very end.

The two words that describe her best? Organised + Fun.